Interactive Device Design

In this collection, I show some interactive design. Most of the projects use microcontroller to undertake the processing work on device, and have wireless communication with user app. Instead of some breadboard circuits and wires, most of the projects have good physical enclosure that are ensures good user experience.


Nektar is a guitar projector that aids people in learning the guitar. It is not based on some existed mini projector you can find in the market. It is what we designed and made by ourselves for this particular problem: six lasers, a motor, a mirror, and a micro controller assemblied in a black box attached to the guitar neck.


Muse is a glove musical Instrument. Your four fingers become switches, and control the main note being played. We used Gray code to allow modifying the pitch, so any two adjacent notes are just a single finger apart. There is also an armplate with five potentiometers – four rotational and one soft. Two of the rotational pots control the pitch and gain of a consistent background tone, which can be used to set the backdrop of your musical creation. The other two pots control the ‘fingers’ wave gain and pulse width. Finally, we use the softpot to bend the ‘fingers’ base frequency, similar in effect to a whammy bar. Click the Muse title to view the github repo.


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