Hi there, welcome to my projects page! I’m glad to introduce some projects I did with my awesome partners.

Computer Vision Collection

Interactive Device Design Collection


In this collection, I show some interactive design. Most of the projects use microcontroller to undertake the processing work on device, and have wireless communication with user app. Instead of some breadboard circuits and wires, most of the projects have good physical enclosure that are ensures good user experience.

Computer Graphics Projects Collection


In this collection, I show the projects I did for computer graphics. From rasterizer, to meshing, to ray tracing and path tracing, then finally to animation of cloth simulation, I implemented many basic computer graphics techniques. See the collection to share the fun in this field!

Vision Correcting Display


Vision Correcting Display is my capstone project in Cal.It’s a display that has software process and physical masks that enables people with eye aberrations (vision problems) to see a clear image on the screen without any corrective eye wears (glasses, contact lenses, …). My only page for this project is not available yet, please click the title to view an articel from Berkeley News about the project.

What I did to this project is to solve something called binocular vision problem. As you can imagine, the image displayed on the screen is processed based on the aberrations in the eye, but only for one eye (one lens). But commonly people may have different aberrations in their two eyes, so we need to display two different processed images into a single screen at the same time. How should we do this? We use the similar technology of autostereoscope (like 3D tech) which also need to display two images corresponding to the left eye and right eye into a single screen.

In addition, I also do eye-screen distance detection, for future automatic adjust.

Vision Correcting Display is a big research group and I’m so lucky to be one of the team. Thanks to Prof. Barsky and the former researchers who made so much contributions to the project.

Smart Sheet


Smart Sheet is what I did in Fudan Smart Health Lab. We planned to develop a sleep monitoring system using a pressure sensitive bed sheet. By monitoring the pressure distribution and the pressure variance by time, we will analyze the sleep stage and then get the sleeping quality of the user. Now my description page for this project is not available, but you can click the title link to view a short video instead.

What makes it different is that it is a non-intrusive system. Imagine for infants who really needs careful monitoring of sleeping quality, if we use sensors sticking to their skin, it would cause great hurt. So a comfortable non-intrusive system is on the call.

As the one of the first researchers of this project, I build a prototype of the smart sheet. I picked a pressure sensitive material called Velostat, and build a 2D array of the material with some conductive tapes. Connecting to peripheral circuits (mux, power, pull-down resistors, sampling system by FPGA, etc), we will get what we want!

This is just a first prototype, but I really love the idea! There are still some researchers working on it in the smart health lab. Good luck to my fellows!