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I’m glad to introduce some projects I did with my awesome partners. Please see Projects page for more information.

Computer Vision Collection

Interactive Device Design Collection

Most of the projects in this collection use microcontroller to undertake the processing work on device, and have wireless communication with user app. Instead of some breadboard circuits and wires, most of the projects have good physical enclosure that are ensures good user experience.

Computer Graphics Projects Collection

In this collection, I show the projects I did for computer graphics. From rasterizer, to meshing, to ray tracing and path tracing, then finally to animation of cloth simulation, I implemented many basic computer graphics techniques. See the collection to share the fun in this field!

Vision Correcting Display

The Vision Correcting Display aims to enable people with vision aberrations to see a clear image on the display without any corrective eye wears (glasses, contact lenses, …). My and my groupmates’ contribution was to use a parallax barrier to solve the binocular vision problem (which refer to people with different aberrations in their left and right eye). To enable automatic adjustment of the vision correcting display, I also do eye-screen distance detection.

Smart Sheet

Smart Sheet is a non-intrusive pressure sensitive bed sheet for sleep monitoring. By monitoring the pressure distribution and the pressure variance by time, we will analyze the sleep stage and then get the sleeping quality of the user. As the one of the first researchers of this project, I developed a prototype of the smart sheet.

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